Savvy Sequencer Release Notes
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SQ-201.0.7NEWA selection is no longer required, and will automatically select the manual option
SQ-81.0.5NEWSavvy SequencerMode to manually order based on clicks
SQ-91.0.4FixedSavvy SequencerIf the selected objects do not have data, the Sequencer will not select "Data," even if that was the previously selected option.
SQ-101.0.4ChangedSavvy SequencerBetter next number / letter handling for Continue.
SQ-111.0.4ChangedSavvy SequencerStarting letter can now be AAA, etc.
SQ-51.0.3NEWSavvy SequencerOption to add sequence text to an object's name field.
SQ-61.0.3NEWSavvy SequencerOption to add sequence text to both a data field and the name field. Useful for objects like the Focus Point that rely on coordinated name and data information.
SQ-71.0.3FixedSavvy SequencerFor documents with iser-defined origins.
SQ-41.0.1NEWSavvy SequencerThe Sequencer can now sequence object data and text based on a 3D view. The order is determined by the screen plane position. Note that while you cannot create text in 3D, you can number text that is already in a 3D plane.
SQ-181.0.1NEWSavvy SequencerThe Sequencer now works on selected objects inside containers, including groups, symbols, and viewport annotations.

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