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LS-1011.0.2ChangedZero length warning only for candidate objects
LS-1021.0.2ChangedEliminated unnecessary resets when updating objects
LS-1031.0.2FixedFixed extra loci from settings dialog
LS-961.0.1ChangedMake Savvy Linesets AwareMake Savvy Lineset Aware reworked so it can either convert an object to a Savvy LS Item Object or just add an existing position or soft good to the schedule.
LS-941.0.1ChangedUpdate ObjectsImproved handling of gridded pipes in sections and when updating from objects so that the trim is ignored
LS-451.0.1FixedSchedule Objectwhenever I use the flip tool that new classes are being created and that items are then being moved into that class. When I delete the class and move things back to where they were there is errant data in the trim field.
LS-951.0.1FixedItem ObjectFixed issue with converting to Savvy LS Item Object and user origins
LS-901.0.1FixedSchedule ObjectSchedule objects' component classes set to were retrieving the default class, not the object class.
LS-891.0.1FixedSection ObjectLocalization issue that could prevent lift lines from drawing
LS-851.0.1FixedUpdate ObjectsUpdating objects with a blank trim no longer moves the objects to the ground
LS-841.0.1FixedUpdate ObjectsZero length items could crash VW on creation. Now, those items are skipped and the create process warns the user.
LS-871.0.1FixedUpdate ObjectsSchedules in symbols and viewports now refresh during Refresh and Update commands
LS-911.0.1NEWSchedule ObjectAdded option for headers to appear at both top and bottom
LS-921.0.1NEWSchedule ObjectAdded option to not stagger lineset numbers
LS-881.0.1NEWSection ObjectLineset Section Items can have custom grid and maximum out values
LS-931.0.1NEWSection ObjectSection Item now displays heights of both the batten and the bottom of the item. The reported trim of the item is still governed in Savvy Linesets Settings.
LS-861.0.1NEWUpdate ObjectsAdded progress dialogs
LS-481.0.1FixedRefresh LinesetsI have been working on a file and just ran an update Line Set Schedule from Objects and it cause all of my borders to rotate 90* in the section tool (screen capture email coming as it might make more sense).
LS-11.0.0ChangedRefresh LinesetsSection objects now have buttons that say update to/from Section instead of Sched
LS-21.0.0FixedRefresh LinesetsRemoved debug message
LS-121.0.0b22ChangedRefresh LinesetsMetric default dimensions revised to rounder numbers
LS-131.0.0b22ChangedRefresh LinesetsUpdate LS Sched is now Refresh LS Scheds and Secs
LS-31.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsSection Item Softgoods not being classed if set to
LS-41.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsHelp prompt in settings indicated defaults were for new objects not new drawings.
LS-51.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsPossible mismatch between LX and Schedule masking-line line weights
LS-61.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsSchedule objects with the LX class set to were still setting attributes by class, even if the overall object is not setting attributes by class
LS-71.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsPressing update on multiple selected Section Items now redraws the geometry for all selected Section Items
LS-81.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsAdditional criteria arguments moved to single string construction for safety when encrypting
LS-91.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsIn settings, when selecting Make Default, classes marked were storing as a new class called instead of an empty string
LS-101.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsRefresh Menu also updates sections
LS-111.0.0b22FixedRefresh LinesetsInternal Refresh All method now refreshes Section Items
LS-191.0.0b20ChangedRefresh LinesetsMax Out Trim is now available in the settings dialog. The setting syncs to the Create Objects dialog and the default settings for Section objects.
LS-171.0.0b20FixedRefresh LinesetsSpelling corrections to update distance dialog
LS-201.0.0b20FixedRefresh LinesetsMax Out Trim defaults now have unique values for standard and metric measurements.
LS-211.0.0b20FixedRefresh LinesetsSettings changes to the LS prefix will now ripple through to the LS record
LS-181.0.0b20NEWRefresh LinesetsSupport for Straight Truss objects
LS-221.0.0b20NEWRefresh LinesetsLineset numbers with a decimal point are treated as subrows and skipped in the Schedule object. This allows synchronizing the worksheet to pipes and softgoods separately or showing objects at multiple trims.
LS-241.0.0b19ChangedRefresh LinesetsRunning the Make LS Aware command will detect and handle z height of the converted object. If assigned to a LS and the LS schedule already has a trim, the user can select to use the schedule's trim or the object's trim.
LS-231.0.0b19FixedRefresh LinesetsMake LS Aware properly handles user origins
LS-251.0.0b19FixedRefresh LinesetsEliminated locus that users may notice when converting Lineset Item to group
LS-261.0.0b19FixedRefresh LinesetsImproved schedule bounding box for linesets that don't order from DS to US
LS-271.0.0b19FixedRefresh LinesetsSpelling errors in settings dialog
LS-571.0.0 b4ChangedAll ObjectsRows without a distance entry will not draw
LS-561.0.0 b4FixedAll ObjectsUnits other than feet and inches are not reading properly from the worksheet
LS-711.0.0 b7ChangedAll ObjectsBase class is now "Line Set"
LS-721.0.0 b7ChangedAll ObjectsSubclasses are now "-Schedule," "-Schedule-LX", "-Section," and "-Lift Line"
LS-681.0.0 b7ChangedSchedule Object"Label Width" changed to "Item Name Width" for consistancy
LS-621.0.0 b7ChangedSection Object"-Lines" subclass changed to "-Lift Lines" to avoid confusion with drawing lines
LS-631.0.0 b7ChangedSection ObjectFor rows without a numeric No and no trim, lift lines are not drawn
LS-651.0.0 b7ChangedItem Object"Label" changed to "Item Name" for consistency
LS-661.0.0 b7FixedSection ObjectAll lines and items with a "-" line set number now draw
LS-731.0.0 b7FixedSection ObjectSection object will work in any orientation and with any page rotation.
LS-741.0.0 b7FixedSection ObjectDuplicating, mirroring, and drag-duplication are more reliable
LS-641.0.0 b7FixedItem ObjectSection items at max out trim regenerate if the Section object's Max Out parameter changes
LS-751.0.0 b7NEWCreate ObjectsCreate Objects will also update existing objects
LS-761.0.0 b7NEWCreate ObjectsCreate Objects will only create objects for unmatched rows (new items)
LS-811.0.0 b7NEWCreate ObjectsYou can now specify a Max Out trim for empty pipes
LS-671.0.0 b7NEWFill from ClicksNew tool to fill item numbers and distances from user clicks
LS-691.0.0 b7NEWSection ObjectAdded option to turn off LX markers
LS-701.0.0 b7NEWSection ObjectAdded button to set marker style
LS-801.0.0 b7NEWSection ObjectThe trim field for section item objects now accepts "grid," "in," and "out." This will effectively set the trim to empty in the schedule, and send soft goods to the deck and all other items to the max out height
LS-791.0.0 b7NEWSettingsPreference to trim soft goods to either the bottom of the good or the pipe
LS-781.0.0 b7NEWUpdate ObjectsCommand to update existing objects' trim, distance, length, name, and height from the schedule
LS-771.0.0 b7NEWUpdate ScheduleCommand to update the schedule based on changes to objects' z value (trim), distance, name, length, or height
LS-591.0.0 b5ChangedCreate ObjectsSavvy Position Pipes are not an option of installed but not registered
LS-581.0.0 b5FixedCreate ObjectsWorks with metric units
LS-601.0.0 b5FixedItem ObjectDragging or nudging now works in metric
LS-821.0.0 b8ChangedSchedule ObjectYou can now hide Item and Trim columns
LS-831.0.0 b8FixedUpdate ObjectsProperly works with user-defined origins
LS-141.0.0b21FixedUpdate ObjectsEliminated empty distance defaults
LS-151.0.0b21FixedUpdate ObjectsCheck for preferences case for Line Set Item
LS-161.0.0b21FixedUpdate ObjectsQualified criteria text that was causing encryption errors
LS-301.0.0b18FixedUpdate ObjectsEliminated error when showing object in Update Distance From dialog when not on a layer
LS-321.0.0b18FixedUpdate ObjectsBetter coordination between Item, Section, and Schedule
LS-331.0.0b18FixedUpdate ObjectsSection object disables class options if Auto-class if off
LS-341.0.0b18FixedUpdate ObjectsChanging the prefix in settings properly updates all fields that depend on the prefix
LS-281.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsWeight column in the worksheet and schedules. Note, this data must be manually entered.
LS-291.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsColumn order now set via drag and drop in a dialog and is more extensible
LS-311.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsMake Lineset Aware has option to set class New Lineset item has item height field Changed
LS-351.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsCheck for worksheet name conflict on Fill tool and prompt to change settings
LS-361.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsAdded settings menu that duplicates functionality of Settings button.
LS-371.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsClassing overhaul. Complete overhaul to classing settings and defaults. In settings, specify a base class name for generating Auto-Classes. Also specify an insertion class for Schedule, Section, and Section Item objects. You can also specify Active Class for schedule objects.
LS-381.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsCan now set a discrete class for extension lines. Note LX lines are still in the LX class. CHANGED
LS-391.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsSettings dialog overhauled to improve UI and add help text.
LS-401.0.0b18NEWUpdate ObjectsAdded setting to change the name of the worksheet used to store schedule data. You can also use this setting to use data in another worksheet, for example in a rep situation. FIXED
LS-411.0.0 b11FixedRefresh LinesetsFor whatever reason, whenever I go to create object from Line Set Schedule, the drawing origin resets itself, and after the objects are drawn it corrects back to drawing origin, but the objects are still offset. It is consistently off by the same amount in each file, and when I select from mouse clock and click the origin everything is fine.
LS-441.0.0 b12FixedSchedule ObjectVWX crashed when entering the serial number
LS-611.0.0 b6FixedSection ObjectGenerates a VS error
LS-551.0.0 b3NEWCreate ObjectsAdded command to create objects from LSS
LS-541.0.0 b3NEWSection ObjectAdded LS Section object
LS-461.0.0 b3FixedSchedule ObjectHey Josh - I broke it again. I am working in a theatre where their setting line is actually all the way up stage. It appears when this happens the column titles want to exist out of the "correct" relationship when you select bottom or top. If I select top, the column headers are under the most US item, and when I select bottom their on top of the most DS item. I can send you a screen capture if you need more clarity. Thanks Josh. Andrew

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