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Savvy Section Bug List

1.0.6FixedConvertConversion now properly sets the z height for the LPO instead of the symbol
1.0.6FixedConvertConversion now properly deals with user-defined origins
1.0.5NewPosition PipesAdded Location field for compatibility with Savvy Line Sets
1.0.4FixedAllFixed registration validation issue
1.0.4ChangedAllClass settings now save with the document and only use user settings as defaults
1.0.3FixedAllRegistration numbers would not validate for some users
1.0.2FixedPosition PipesLine and Arc Pipes not taking on fill attribute.
1.0.1FixedConvertWhen using the convert PP to LPO the position is not in the same place that I placed the pipe. Seems to happen every time under all conditions.
1.0.0ChangedPosition PipesChanged Light Position Object position summary -- now defaults 6" to the right of the object.
1.0.0NewPosition PipesAdded pulldown menu to control class settings
1.0.0FixedPosition PipesFixed inconsistant 3D rotations

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