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BD-24.1.7FixedConvert to InstrumentWhen converting beams to Instruments the resulting instruments do not automatically assume the position name that they are hung on.
BD-34.1.7FixedConvert to InstrumentWhen converting beams to Instruments the resulting instruments do not automatically assume the position name that they are hung on.
BD-1304.1.7FixedBeam Draw ObjectDragging a left shutter could affect the right
BD-1324.1.7FixedBeam Draw ObjectDrag shutter fail in top / plan unrotated
BD-1334.1.7FixedBeam Draw ObjectMoving shutter, then refresh, slight jump.
BD-374.1.6FixedBeam Draw SectionThere was a time when Beam Draw would recognize when I was working in a rotated section view, and rotate the 'Show clamp position' and 'Show Figure' accordingly. However, I've never successfully gotten the figure to show correctly in a rotated section view since upgrading to 2017. I've just updated to 4.1.5 hoping this included a fix, but it didn't seem to do it. Thoughts?
BD-1244.1.6FixedBeam ObjectsPotential error in Fixed Focus mode in rotated plan
BD-1254.1.6FixedBeam Draw SectionDragging clamp in Beam Draw Section in rotated plan
BD-1264.1.6FixedBeam Draw SectionCorrects Vectorworks bug that caused Beam Draw Section to miscalculate in rotated plan
BD-1274.1.6FixedBeam Draw ObjectBeam Draw now does a better job resolving class name conflicts, avoiding multiple alternate class names.
BD-414.1.4FixedBeam ObjectsPicking up z height for Beam Draw Objects was not completely corrected in 4.1.3
BD-424.1.3FixedBeam ObjectsPicking up position height from the Beam Draw objects could miss the closest position
BD-394.1.5FixedBeam ObjectsPick up Z height would fail if the drawing had hidden layers between the beam and the object to find.
BD-404.1.5FixedBeam ObjectsFix for potential Object Info flicker in certain Windows configurations
BD-354.1.2FixedMenu Commands2016 Workspace missing tool set
BD-434.1.2ChangedBeam Draw Magic Objectdisabled refresh button, as it does nothing
BD-514.1.2ChangedBeam ObjectsImproved position height detection when multiple positions overlap and are ordered with Send Forward / Backward
BD-524.1.2ChangedBeam ObjectsBetter detection of new object + Can now option-drag or use Move by points in any mode
BD-534.1.2FixedBeam ObjectsFixes Active Class settings regression
BD-594.1.2FixedConvert to InstrumentConvert Beam not handling overhung units
BD-614.1.2ChangedConvert to InstrumentImproved conversion of planar-only Lighting Devices
BD-634.1.2FixedMenu Commandsfixed failure to count beams on other layers when Show Snap Modify is enabled
BD-304.1.1FixedInstallerWhen I select the .zip file in the plug-in manager to install and click ok (or save, or open... whatever the submit function is), Vectorworks crashes immediately. A system reboot did not solve the issue. I also tried the version for windows tha doesn't have a program year, and the one for 2015. Same problem all around. I'm thinking of reverting back to the original version of quick time next, but I thought I'd get your thoughts first. Thanks, Justin
BD-334.1.1FixedBeam Draw ObjectThe "Select Instrument Type" window when getting Light Info Data is generating unexpected results. If I click on a light in the list and click Ok, it seems to work reliably every time. If I don't click but I just start using arrow keys, it seems to work ok. If I just start typing the name of a light to jump to it in the list, I can't even seem to click OK. If I click on a light first, the start typing to jump, I can click ok, but the data that actually gets acquired is the data for the light I clicked on, not the light that I jumped to by typing and was selected when I clicked ok. If I click on a light, then type to jump down the list, then use arrow keys to make a selection, I am getting inconsistent results. Sometimes it doesn't let me click ok, sometimes it take data from the last light i clicked on.
BD-544.1.1FixedBeam ObjectsFix for class settings localization
BD-624.1.1FixedMenu CommandsFix for Get Light Info dialog not detecting selection when keyboard is pressed.
BD-314.1.0FixedBeam Draw ObjectI often work in drawings in which my Light Info Record Format is referenced from an external symbol library. Whenever I click "Get Light Info Data' in Beam Draw, I get the following message: "The Format named "Light Info Record" cannot replace the existing one because it is a reference from a different document. The entire operation is canceled." I can click ok, and things still seem to function normally, but this is an annoying extra step. Also note: The VW version drop-down on this google from does not include an option for 2016, which is what I'm using. And the text at the top of the page is showing HTML tags as part of the body, if you're interested. Also, also: The link to the current Beam Draw 4 release notes is broken.
BD-444.1.0FixedBeam Draw Magic ObjectLayer selection via pulldown - Added prefix / suffix options - Refresh Button works for all selected - Reorganized code
BD-484.1.0ChangedBeam Draw Magic ObjectAdded option to merge repeating channels -- new channel is added in middle
BD-554.1.0FixedBeam ObjectsFix for class setting not adhering
BD-584.1.0FixedMenu CommandsFix for channeling beams with linked lighting device
BD-604.1.0NEWConvert to InstrumentNew option to convert beams to vertical position
BD-1294.1.0FixedBeam ObjectsMirror issues in rotated plan
BD-284.0.3FixedBeam Draw ObjectAround 80% of the time I go to draw a beam, it creates a small box even though there are no shutters and it is set to a focus point. This could be user error, but I have it on the same settings as when it does decide to work. When I restart Vectorworks, it will work for the first three beams before creating a box again. It is set on Standard Insertion Mode. Not sure what I am doing wrong for it to work some of the time.
BD-294.0.3FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectI have odd behavior as it relates to the bottle rotation of Par beams. I place a bream, the dotted outline shows me a preview of how the beam will look when I place it, but upon clicking, the beam is placed at a different angle. Sometimes as I'm dynamically moving the beam using the nudge command, the direction of the bottle will randomly jump to different position for no rhyme or reason.
BD-454.0.3FixedBeam Draw ObjectFixed interactive shutter cone edges when not focused straight forwards
BD-464.0.3FixedBeam Draw Objectinteractive shutters works properly with non-zero z heights
BD-474.0.3FixedBeam Draw ObjectFixed an issue where beams shifted when placed in rotated plan
BD-494.0.3ChangedBeam Draw PAR ObjectPAR uses more efficient increment scheme and more accurately finds bottom vertex
BD-504.0.3ChangedBeam Draw PAR ObjectIncreased tolerance to flag bottle rotation as forward for straight down aim
BD-564.0.3FixedBeam ObjectsWorkaround to 2015 SP Loft bug
BD-574.0.3ChangedBeam ObjectsMax resolution reduced
BD-644.0.3FixedMenu CommandsFixed issue where shutters were getting pushed in
BD-654.0.3FixedMenu CommandsFixed: beam not following class settings
BD-664.0.3FixedConvert to InstrumentFixes issue with Convert Beams where "Align to nearest" did not work with user origins
BD-104.0.1NEWMenu CommandsConvert beams select layer
BD-114.0.0FixedMenu CommandsConvert Beam to Instrument: Adds Channel and Purpose to regular symbol. Set record and filed through Plug-In Editor parameters.
BD-124.0.0FixedMenu CommandsMove Beam to Layer: Should act on selection or all on layer -- is moving all beams on layer regardless
BD-934.0.0FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectRefine min/max settings for: width, open conic, 3D
BD-954.0.0FixedMenu CommandsReverse and Repeat doesn't work with user origin
BD-964.0.0NEWBeam Draw SectionAdd throw length to list of computed data
BD-974.0.0FixedOtherAbout Beam Draw and Beam Draw PAR in photometrics category
BD-994.0.0FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectSub procedure dynarray causing possible memory leak
BD-984.0.0b3ChangedInstallerUninstaller updated
BD-1013.5.0NEWBeam Draw Objectshow a different plane other than the floor when looking at a beam. If my beam is focused at 6', it's great to see what it does on the floor, but there are many times when it's good to know what it looks like at 10' (without changing the focus point to 10'). This is obviously useful for hanging practicals and such.
BD-1153.5.0NEWBeam Draw ObjectAdded additional cut plane to see the beam oval an height in addition to focus plane and floor
BD-1163.5.0ChangedBeam Draw ObjectMore compatible with Create Similar Object
BD-1173.5.0FixedRegistrationRegistration numbers would not validate for some users
BD-1183.5.0FixedBeam Draw SectionNow works in rotated plan
BD-1193.5.0FixedBeam Draw SectionFocus area mode properly handles beams when they don't intersect the floor
BD-1203.5.0NEWMenu CommandsClass and move to layer prefixes now user definable
BD-253.1.5FixedBeam Draw ObjectHello, In Vectorworks 2014, when I convert a beam to an instrument, none of the record data in the instrument symbol is applied. It basically creates a blank light. Here is a link to a video:
BD-263.1.5FixedBeam Draw ObjectWhen using the Convert Beam to Instrument tool, I was converting multiple beams to instruments, and selected Convert to Lighting Device. Once complete there was one instrument drawn at one of the beams, and the other beams had manipulation handles but no instrument dropped. Also the instrument was not responding correctly. If I selected the drawn instrument and did a Fixed Rotate, the manipulation handles rotated but not the instrument. I retried Convert to Instrument using Convert to Symbol, and the symbols were dropped onto beams correctly. I then used Spotlight to Convert to Instrument, and the instrument behaved normally.
BD-1233.1.3FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectFixes Beam Draw PAR crash regression
BD-1223.1.2FixedBeam Draw SectionFixes a crash when creating a new section object
BD-213.1.1NEWBeam Draw ObjectI'm constantly switching back and forth between 'Fixed' and 'Dynamic' and I wish there was a faster way to do that than having to go over to the palette and click. Like perhaps I could hold down a keyboard shortcut to temporarily toggle to the other setting. Or.. if the Fixed/Dynamic option also became a part of the beam draw menu..I could edit my custom workspace to create my own keyboard shortcut. Either way...a faster way to toggle between them would definitely speed up the work flow.
BD-223.1.1FixedBeam Draw ObjectI downloaded BD V 3.1.2 according to the installer, however in "About Beam Draw" it says 3.1.0... When I run the installer, I get the workspace and some of the Plug-ins, but most of the useful Plug-in links are broken in the workspace "not in Plug-in's folder" listed after each menu item. The Plug-ins are indeed in my User folder, they simply don't show. I've tried deleting them manually and re-running the installer. I've made sure that VW was Quit before running the installer. But so far, no luck. Any ideas??
BD-1213.1.1FixedRegistrationSome registrations are not validating.
BD-1033.1.0FixedMenu CommandsMove to layer properly cancels
BD-1043.1.0NEWConvert to InstrumentLighting device now includes type, wattage, weight, beam, and field angles
BD-1053.1.0NEWConvert to InstrumentLighting Device or Symbol now drawn at the z height from the beam's position height
BD-1063.1.0FixedConvert to InstrumentAdjusts for user specified grids
BD-1073.1.0FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectFinally tracked down a hard to reproduce bug that caused beams focused to shallow angles to crash VW.
BD-1083.1.0FixedBeam Draw SectionIdentified a bug that could cause VW to crash in certain circumstances
BD-1093.1.0FixedBeam Draw ObjectWarning when Show Beam is unchecked
BD-1103.1.0FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectBeam draws to floor in 3d even if show floor is unchecked.
BD-1113.1.0FixedBeam Draw SectionNow responds to the Use Light Info for Selected menu command
BD-1123.1.0FixedBeam Draw SectionMaximum width computation was only showing when Show Area Limits was selected
BD-1133.1.0ChangedConvert to InstrumentConverts all beams in layer if none are selected.
BD-1143.1.0NEWConvert to InstrumentCan now select a different layer for instrument creation
BD-163.0.3FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectWhenever I try to draw a Par beam with Beam Draw PAR, Vectorworks will ask me for default settings; after I set them and press OK, the program crashes every time.
BD-173.0.3FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectWhen I insert a par and rotate the beam vertically VW crashes upon the final mouse click. If I insert the beam horizontally, all is fine. I even tried this on a blank document with the same results. Thanks Steve
BD-1023.0.2ChangedBeam Draw ObjectUnder the hood improvements to improve demo/purchase/registration, help, and to modernize dialogs.
BD-133.0.1FixedBeam Draw PAR Object3D does not draw with the correct instrument location.
BD-143.0.1FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectWhenever I use the Beam Draw Par tool and then try to save the file, I get a corrupted file message. This was not happening with the beta version. It is also not happening today in the same file, even when i follow the same steps (select the beam draw par tool, change the field angles, draw a par beam. Adjust the bottle and unit placement).
BD-153.0.1FixedBeam Draw ObjectWhen rendering with a light, the fixture location box is not hidden.
BD-1003.0.1FixedBeam Draw ObjectBeam Draw and Beam Draw PAR were not picking up the Z height of a selected object on another layer
BD-61.0.1NEWMenu CommandsAdd menu command to set Light Info data for selected objects
BD-71.0.0b2FixedOtherLight Info Recod Format has changed in 2008. Includes secondary angle.
BD-81.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectTest
BD-91.0.0b2NEWBeam Draw ObjectAdd button to Get Light Info that ignores beam angle (sets to 0)
BD-671.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectShow Beam Designation
BD-681.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectAdd button to pick angle
BD-691.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectAdd option to show/hide beam
BD-701.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectAdd Max Width display field
BD-711.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectIt would be really useful to be able to read that information directly from BeamDraw (rather than the additional calculation I went through). Is there the possibility that some fields could be included that calculate: - Degrees of Pan (0-360 from the facing upstage) - Degrees of Tilt (0-360 from vertical) - Beam Angle is already catered for
BD-721.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectWhen Beam hidden, show vector
BD-731.0.0b2NEWBeam Draw ObjectInstrument location: 3D box or locus
BD-741.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw ObjectSome capacity to show channels
BD-751.0.0b2NEWBeam Draw PAR ObjectInstrument location: 3D box or locus
BD-761.0.0b2NEWBeam Draw PAR ObjectPAR Square
BD-771.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectShow Beam Designation
BD-781.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectAdd button to pick angle
BD-791.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectAdd option to show/hide beam
BD-801.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectAdd Max Width display field
BD-811.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectIt would be really useful to be able to read that information directly from BeamDraw (rather than the additional calculation I went through). Is there the possibility that some fields could be included that calculate: - Degrees of Pan (0-360 from the facing upstage) - Degrees of Tilt (0-360 from vertical) - Beam Angle is already catered for
BD-821.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw PAR ObjectAdd control point for bottle rotation
BD-831.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw SectionShow Beam Designation
BD-841.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw SectionShow width of area
BD-851.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw SectionAdd option to show/hide beam
BD-861.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw SectionShow beam and field angle
BD-871.0.0b2FixedBeam Draw SectionAdd Max Width display field
BD-881.0.0b2FixedMenu CommandsReverse and Repeat
BD-891.0.0b2FixedMenu CommandsInsert Units
BD-901.0.0b2FixedMenu CommandsArchive beams to layer
BD-911.0.0b2FixedMenu CommandsChannel Beams
BD-941.0.0b2FixedInstallerThe installation keeps failing. I get right up to the installation point and I get an error message "The following install step failed: run preflight script for Beam Draw 3.0 Preflight. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." I restarted the computer once as well. I am running 2008. I tried just selecting the 2008 install files but that didn't seem to make any difference.
BD-1394.1.8FixedBeam Draw ObjectInteractive shutter update clunky in 2018

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