Savvy Position Label Release Notes
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PL-11.0.5FixedImprove position control point when duplicating
PL-21.0.5FixedImprove location control point visibility
PL-31.0.0b2NEWAdded parameter to rotate position marker
PL-41.0.0b2ChangedEdit note dialog now uses the clipboard to insert tokens anywhere in the edit field.
PL-51.0.0b2NEWAdd Savvy Position Labels menu command to add labels to selected Light Position objects.
PL-61.0.0b2FixedFixed error in pick symbol dialog
PL-71.0.0b2NEWLight Position Object duplication sensing Labels delete with linked positions
PL-81.0.0b2Changedregistration library
PL-91.0.0b2ChangedPosition control point only visible if Label is on a layer
PL-101.0.0b2ChangedIf alignment is set to Center, note text is justified to center. The exception is if the container is a circle and the triangle-style arrow is sideways.
PL-111.0.0b2FixedFix for note width minimum and wrapped text
PL-121.0.0b2FixedMode bar improvements, including tool tips, help text, and better association with defaults and previous options.
PL-131.0.0b2ChangedOverhaul of position control point behavior for better insertion, grouping, and alignment. The position location control point will be in the label by default. If placing in link mode and the third click does not highlight a Light Position Object, the position location indicator will place at the click. Note, if this is the case, it does not find a symbol or other PIO to take it's location, it will place exactly at the click point. Also note, the control point defaults will only be set correctly for new documents.
PL-141.0.0b2FixedPosition Location parameter disabled in settings
PL-151.0.0b2Fixedfor regression -- insertion tool not reading mode bar state by constant, so reading wrong group after pulldown added
PL-161.0.0b2FixedOIP buttons now work across all selected position labels
PL-171.0.0b2FixedMode bar selections preserve between sessions
PL-181.0.0b2ChangedAdded mode bar pull-down to select alignment
PL-191.0.1FixedPotential crash when publishing sheets and a Note retrieves a position length from a symbol-based Light Position Object'
PL-201.0.4ChangedBetter handling of mirrored labels, including a true mirror of the leader line and better vertical reflection handling.
PL-211.0.4FixedDrawings with a user-defined origin could could have label notes that show the wrong coordinates on print or export
PL-221.0.4FixedPossible crash when the leader line length is zero.
PL-231.0.5FixedPosition Labels disappear when positions switch layers
PL-251.0.5FixedPosition Labels disappear on position move
PL-262.0.0NEWHave label track 3D position if in layer plane
PL-272.0.0FixedSelection indication goes away when label is in the 3D plane
PL-282.0.0NEWLabel ObjectAdd weight field
PL-292.0.0NEWLabel ObjectAdd padding option
PL-372.0.0NEWLabel ObjectAdd style support
PL-392.0.0ChangedLabel ObjectRedo base and insertion class settings
PL-432.0.0ChangedLabel ObjectWhen dupeing position, only dupe labels on editable layers
PL-442.0.0NEWLabel ObjectAdd button to reset leader
PL-452.0.0NEWLabel ObjectControl point to indicate and choose connection
PL-462.0.0NEWLabel ObjectInclude note in container
PL-472.0.0NEWLabel ObjectSeparate alignment for note
PL-492.0.0ChangedLabel ObjectIf link is empty, Custom label should be enabled
PL-502.0.0FixedLabel ObjectInitial leader needs to take into account Y of position
PL-522.0.0NEWLabel ObjectTighter text fills for Circle containers
PL-562.0.1ChangedLabel ObjectImproved handling of pipe length

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