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Savvy Select Similar Instrument

version 1.0.0

Users Guide

Created by Joshua Benghiat

Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design


Requirements | Installation | Support

Getting Started

Adding to an Existing Workspace | Registration | Instructions



Vectorworks 2015 or higher


For installation to Vectorworks 2015 or 2016:

  1. The installer package must remain a zip file. If your system automatically unzips archives, right-click on the download link and select "Save Link As" to prevent your browser from auto-expanding the download.
  2. In Vectorworks, select Tools > Plug-ins > Plug-in Manager
  3. Select the Third-party plug-ins page
  4. Click the Install... button
  5. Navigate to and select the saved installer zip file
  6. Read and confirm the EULA
  7. Vectorworks should notify you that installation is complete and to restart Vectorworks

If you experience trouble with the install script, please see the following FAQ on where plug-ins install.


Please visit for support options and to report bugs.

You may also email software(at)

Getting Started

Adding to an Existing Workspace

To add the Select Similar Instrument tool to an existing workspace:

  1. Select Tools>Workspaces>Edit Current Workspace.
  2. Select the Tools tab. 
  3. Click the disclosure triangle next to JBLD in the list of Tools categories on the left hand side.
  4. Drag the all the Select Similar Instrument tool to an existing palette on the right or create a new palette.
  5. Click OK.

Add SSI to workspace


The first time you use the tool, a dialog will ask you for a registration number or demo code. You can use the buttons in the dialog to request a demo or make a purchase.  You can also access the registration dialog through the settings button in the tool's mode bar.


This tool works similarly to Vectorworks' Select Similar Tool.  When you select a Lighting Device with the Savvy Select Similar Instrument Tool, it will select other selectable Lighting Devices using the matching criteria you set in the Mode Bar.

As you move the cursor over drawing objects, the tool will highlight selectable Lighting Devices.  When you click on a Lighting Device, the tool will use this object's data to select similar lighting instruments.

Use the Shift key to add units to or remove units from the current selection.  

Click on a blank area of the drawing or a non-Lighting Device object to deselect all objects.  

Double-click the tool to select all lighting devices. 

Select Similar Mode Bar

Selection Options

The toggle on the left goverens whether the tool will select all matching lighting instruments or just units in the current selection.

Match Fields

Select one or two Lighting Device data fields to match.  For example, you can select Position and Instrument Type to select all the units matching the position and type of the unit you click with the tool.  The right-hand menu can be set to (None) to only match one field.  If you have managed Lighting Device fields in Spotlight Settings, the tool will only show the visible fields, including any custom or renamed fields.

The menu also has an option to match Plan Rotation.  This can be useful for selecting all the units that need a certain Label Legend.


Click to check your registration information and seek technical support.

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