Beam Draw 4 Quickguide
Beam Draw 4 Quick Guide
Beam Draw BD4 Beam Draw Icon Click in the drawing to insert, either at the focus point or instrument location.  You can drag both the beam (via its geometry) and the instrument location (via its control point).  Numerous parameters are available in the Object Info palette, including showing shutter cuts.  The bottom of Object Info will relay calculated information about the beam.
Beam Draw PAR BD4 Beam Draw PAR Icon Click in the drawing to insert, similar to Beam Draw.  You can spin the bottle right in the drawing via a control point.
Beam Draw Section BD4 Beam Draw Section Icon Click and drag from the light source (e.g. the unit's gate) to the focus position.  You can compensate for the clamp/yoke height or add a figure in Object Info.
Beam Draw Section from FP BD4 Beam Draw Section from fp icon Click and drag from the focus point to the light source.  This will place a Beam Draw Section object in the drawing.
Beam Draw Magic Beam_Draw_Magic Click in the drawing at the 0,0 point of your magic sheet.  Use Object Info to pick a layer -- all channeled beams will appear as numbers in the Magic object.  Set a scale in Obj Info (e.g. 1/8"=1'-0" would be 96).  Set the font for the channel numbers via the text menu.  Use object info to provide an offset for all channels (e.g. numbers are +10) or show them reverse and repeated.  Perfect for laying over a viewport of the set.
Use Light Info for Selected You can select photometric data from a symbol's Light Info record to apply to your selected beam object(s).  You will see all symbols in your current document as well as in your SpotLight defaults file.  There is an option to use only the field angles.
Reverse and Repeat Beams Reverse and repeats selected beams accross x=0 (centerline).  Sutter cuts and bottle rotations are also mirrored.
Channel Beams Add channel numbers to selected beams.  If no beams are selected, the command channels all beams on the current layer.  Channel numbers appear at the focus point if the beam is visible or at the instrument location if it is hidden.  Channeled beams can easily lay in to your magic sheet with the Beam Draw Magic Object.  When you use the Convert Beams to Instrument command, channels will transfer to SpotLight lighting devices.
Convert Beams to Instrument  Converts selected beams to either symbols or SpotLight Lighting Devices.  If no beams are selected, the command converts all beams on the current layer.  You will be prompted to match an instrument symbol to each field angle.  Beam Draw will siggest matches for you.  If you are converting beams to a symbol, you can map channel and purpose data fields via the parameter defaults in the VectorScript Plug-In Editor.
Move Beams to Layer Moves all Beam Draw objects to the layer of your choosing.  You need only enter a system name, and Beam Draw will prefix the layer, and add it if it doesn't exist.  A new layer will be hidden by default. 
Select Beams Selects all Beam Draw Objects. 
Select PAR Beams  Selects all Beam Draw PAR Objects. 
Select Section Beams Selects all Beam Draw Section Objects. 
Select All Beams Selects all Beam Draw regular, PAR, and Section Objects. 
About Beam Draw... Use this dialog to enter your serial number or demo code.  You can also check the installed version.
Beam Draw FAQ Links to the online FAQ.
Beam Draw Help... Opens the PDF manual.
Submit a Beam Draw Bug Go to the online bug submit form.
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