Beam Draw 2 for VectorWorks

Plug-In Object for drawing a beam of light

  • Interactively draw beams. The beam size and shape adjust as you drag or nudge the beam.
  • Automatically shows an oval in plan view and cone in 3D views.
  • Includes an option to simultaneously show the beam oval at head height and floor height.
  • Completely stand-lone. You can use Beam Draw to easily determine ideal instrument placement in AutoPlot, SpotLight, or any blank document.
  • Includes Beam Draw PAR, the only tool available for visualizing elliptical beams with any bottle rotation, in both 2D and 3D.


Beam Draw 2D View Beam Draw 3D

Beam Draw version 2 is a legacy product. You can download the latest version of Beam Draw 2 in the Downloads section.
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