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For Vectorworks

Need to sequentially label or name objects in your drawing?  Let Savvy Sequencer do the work for you

The Savvy Sequencer will add sequential text labels or data entries to selected objects, based on their screen arrangement. The Sequencer will work with existing text objects or create new ones, look inside groups for text, and apply date to either attached record or plug-in parameter fields. Sequences can be numeric or alphabetic, start at any point, have any increment, and include leading or trailing text. The sort order can be as a linear or rectangular array or traverse objects in a circle.



SQ Dialog

Create or update text objects or enter as data
The Sequencer can look for text in groups or group new text with the objects they are labeling
Use numbers or letters, with any starting number or character and any increment
Add leading or trailing text
Sort objects in a linear, rectangular, or circular array
Sort objects in a rotated plan view
Set a tolerance to determine how far apart objects can be and still be aligned
Compatible with Vectorworks 2012 through 2015

What can you label with the Savvy Sequencer?

Lighting Devices

SQ Lighting Devices

Lighting Positions

SQ Lighting Positions

Focus Points

SQ Focus Points

Magic Sheets

SQ Magic Sheets

Banquet Tables

SQ Banquet Tables

Stage Decks

SQ Stage Decks

Theater Rows and Seats

SQ Theater Seats and Rows

Drawing Labels

SQ Drawing Labels

Windows in walls

SQ Windows in Walls

Any object you can select!

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Savvy Sequencer costs $19.99.

A student version is available for only $4.99.

product image RR2018 Also, part of the Savvy Subscription Series

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