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For Vectorworks Spotlight

Labeling Lighting Positions has never been easier

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What's New

Easier linking, with visual feedback

PL2 Linking 

Now fully hybrid: use labels in 3D views

 PL2 3D

Tighter text fills with adjustable padding

PL2 Text Fills 

Notes can be inside the label container and have their own alignment

PL2 Note Options 

Display position weight in the note

 PL2 Weight

Support for Object Styles

 PL2 Styles

And even more fixes and tweaks to make the Savvy Position Label even easier to use

Additional Features

The Savvy Position Label is a highly configurable plug-in object for labeling lighting positions. The Label, optionally, links to a Light Position Object, keepling the label in sync with the position name and displaying data in the Label’s note. 



Choose from numerous configuration options, allowing the Label to confirm to your personal drafting standard. The Savvy Position Label supports text styles and classes for granular control of its presentation.


The label is a separate object from the Lighting Position Object, so you can nudge or duplicate independently from the position. You can, optionally, have the label move with the position.

Label Text

Because you don’t always display the same position name on the plot that you use in the paperwork, the Savvy Position Label lets you display the first word, last word, just number, or custom text, with a prefix or suffix. Pipe A displays as A. #2 Electric becomes 2E, etc, while still automatically linking to the position name.



An optional note lets you add tokens to automatically display US DS and SL SR coordinates, location, trim height, and pipe length, which always stay up to date.

VectorWorks 2018

Compatible with Vectorworks Spotlight 2018

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