product image SO2 Savvy Symbol Section 2

For Vectorworks and Vectorworks SpotLight

Effortless 2D section representations of lighting instruments, whether from the ETC catalog, the Spotlight library, or your own symbols


What makes the Savvy Section even savvier?


More symbol types

SO Types


More standard views

SO Views

And now, make ANY symbol savvy

whether user-drawn 2D sections or Spotlight-ready 3D symbols

SO Custom 2D  SO Custom 3D

The Savvy Section plug-in object eliminates the tedium of tweaking dimensionally accurate 2D sections of your lighting instruments, with a built-in catalog of ETC symbols, including the hanging angle, yoke, angle, clamp type, and accessories.  With this object, you no longer need to ungroup and rotate your section symbols, or look for symbols of various components.  All the following features are combined in a single object!
Imagine wanting a Source Four in section, pointing US at a 30 degree angle.  Your symbol points DS at a 45 degree angle.  You also want to show it hanging on a side arm and add a scroller.
The Old Way  The Savvy Section Way
  • Insert your section symbol
  • Convert to group
  • Edit the group
  • Select the contents
  • Use the mirror tool (in non-duplicate mode) to flip the 
    section to point the other way
  • Select the barrel and body
  • Use the rotate tool to set the tilt angle
    (Make sure you get the pivot right!)
  • Delete the C-Clamp
  • Find a symbol for a sidearm tee, insert
  • Find a scroller section symbol
  • Insert the scroller symbol, rotating to the right angle
  • Exit the group
  • Insert the Savvy Section plug-in object
  • Press "Flip"
  • Select "Tee" from the "Clamp Type" pulldown
  • Enter the body rotation angle
  • Click the "Scroller" check box

Additional Features

SO Screen Shots-01 Set any yoke angle, tilt angle, and flip.
SO Screen Shots-02 Switch between front or side views.
SO Screen Shots-03

Symbols look the way you want them.  Symbols have attributes set by class, with three  levels of detail.

SO Screen Shots-04 Show C-clamp or tee, with or without pipe.
SO Screen Shots-05 Show short yoked.
SO Screen Shots-06 Show any available barrel type.
SO Screen Shots-07 Add top hat, half hat, color extender, or scroller of any standard size.
SO_Spec_Sheets Dimensionally accurate Fixtures, components, and accessories based on manufacturer drawings.

Compatible with VW 2017 through 2018

SO-Movie-Still Watch a demo movie of the Section in action.

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product image RR2018 Also, part of the Savvy Subscription Series

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