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For Vectorworks and Vectorworks SpotLight


Have Vectorworks 2014?  You can find all the great features of the Savvy Position Pipes integrated into Vectorworks Spotlight as the new Lighting Pipes objects.  Learn more about Vectorworks 2014 here.


The Savvy Position Pipes package of plug-in objects easily creates hybrid (2D/3D) lighting position pipes.  Key features include:

- Easily tick the pipes at regular intervals.

- Select between double and single line representations.

- 3D representations automatically created.

- Straight, curved, polyagonal, and ladder types.

- Easily convert to Spotlight Lighting Positions.

Read on for a full list of features.


HL Screen Shot-01-Hatches 

Tick marks at regular intervals

  • Specify any interval
  • On center or split center
  • Use lines or dots
  • Single line pipes can have a gap between the hatch mark and the line for clarity
  • Align hatch marks to the drawing grid with the press of a button
HL Screen Shot-02-Double 

Single or double line types

  • Easily change the drawing mode to match your personal preference or that of your employer or venue
  • Double line mode is a tremendous time saver, especially for curved and ladder pipes
  • Specify any pipe radius
 HL Screen Shot-03-Ends

Line ends emphasized

  • Both single and double lines can have their ends emphasized to clearly indicate the end of the pipe.
 HL Screen Shot-04-3D

Always hybrid

  • 3D representations automatically drawn from 2D geometry
  • Ideal for conversion to Spotlight Lighting Position objects
  • Rotation parameters for every axis 
 HL Screen Shot-06-Convert

Convert all selected positions to separate Spotlight objects with an included menu command

 HL Screen Shot-07-Batch Label

Utility to name selected positons based on location on the page

  • eg. 1 Elec, 2 Elec, etc. from bottom to top 
 HL Screen Shot-08-Footprint

Draw 2D footprints with the check of a box

  • Perfect for showing a rotated position in plan view
  • Easily show a pipe drawn away from its footprint for clarity 
 HL Screen Shot-09-Straight

Straight pipes

  • As easy as drawing a line 
 HL Screen Shot-10-Curved

Curved pipes

  • Define by radius or fit inside a bounding box
  • Tick marks perfectly measured along the circumference of the pipe 
HL Screen Shot-11-Poly 

Polygonal pipes

  • As easy as drawing a polygon
  • Hatching turns corners 
HL Screen Shot-12-Ladder 

Ladder pipes

  • Specify any number or rungs
  • Rungs can be evenly spaced or at customized intervals
  • 3D orientation defaults to vertical 
 HL Screen Shot-13-Classed

Perfectly classed

  • Pipes and tick marks draw in your specified class for complete control over line weights and rendering 
SK Screen Shot-14-Versions

Compatible with VW 12 through 2013

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