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For Vectorworks and Vectorworks SpotLight


Have Vectorworks 2014?  You can find all the great features of the Savvy Symbol Key integrated into Vectorworks Spotlight as the new Instrument Summary object.  Learn more about Vectorworks 2014 here.


The Savvy Symbol Key plug-in object quickly creates an accurate, customizable key to instrumentation.  The setup dialog shows the symbols in use in your Spotlight drawing so you never have to worry about an incomplete key.  You can select and order your symbols as well as set several text, border, spacing and alignment attributes.  With the click of a check box you can show wattages, weights, lamp types and counts.  Counting can be subtotaled to count bodies vs lenses.  Symbols which have the same Instrument Type are counted together, allowing for alternate versions of a single type.  Multi circuit devices are counted properly.


The Savvy Symbol Key intelligently shifts and spaces extra wide symbols (like strip lights) or extra large symbols (like  a 5K fresnel) so your key always looks professional.


There is also an Instrument Maintenance menu command to allow you to easily view and edit Spotlight's Light Info Record, whose data appears in the key.


SK_Screen_Shot-01-List A setup dialog presents you with a list of the symbols in use by Spotlight so that your key is always complete.

Easily add to and reorder symbols in the key.


Live control of scale, spacing, widths, and font.



Autorotate option saves space.


Spacing, alignment, and text wrap are automatically adjusted for large or wide symbols.


Show or hide wattages, weights, lamp types, and counts through Object Info.


Symbol scale is independent of the Savvy Symbol Key's layer, so you can easily place your key on design or sheet layers.


Add column breaks to your symbol list to break up the key into an unlimited number of columns.


Insert borders, dividers, and headings for a complete, professional looking key with minimal effort.


Get accurate counts for Multi circuit units.


Show subtotals for unit types that share bodies.


Complete the key by adding a Typical symbol, showing legends, accessories, etc.


Run Instrument Maintenance to easily set Light Info data for all your symbols in one convenient dialog.  In addition to the Savvy Symbol Key, the Light Info data gets used to set default type, wattage, weight, and device type when a symbol gets used in a Spotlight Lighting device.

SK Screen Shot-14-Versions

Compatible with VW 12 through 2013

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