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For Vectorworks and Vectorworks SpotLight

A lighting designer's complete solution to previsualize how your light plot will focus.  Use Beam Draw to help determine the position, field angle, and focus point for your lighting instruments, and walk into focus knowing you have the angles and coverage you need.


Beam_Draw_2D Interactively draw lighting beams.  The beam size and shape adjust as you drag and nudge the beam.
BD_Params Adjustable properties include: Position Height, Distance to C-Clamp, Field Angle, Beam Angle, Peak Candela, Face Plane Height, Show/Hide Beam on Floor.
  Completely stand-alone.  Beam Draw lets you concentrate on worksheeting your rough plot -- save drafting for later.  You can use Beam Draw to easily determine ideal instrument placement in AutoPlotSpotLight, or any blank document.
BD_Convert NEW Easily convert beam objects into SpotLight lighting devices.
BD_PAR  Use Beam Draw PAR to visualize elliptical beams with any bottle rotation, in both 2D and 3D.
Beam Draw 3D  View the beam's ellipse in plan view and cone in 3D.
BD_Any-Focus Focus from any position height to any focus height, even if the light focus up or hits the face plane in an open parabola.
BD_Shutters NEW Visualize shutter cuts.  You can drag the shutters right in the drawing!
BD_Calcs NEW View valuable data on how your light focuses.
BD_Section NEW Beam Draw Section lets you visualize beam sections in a 2D view.  This is also a fully interactive tool.  Beam Draw Section will even draw a figure for you, and show you what portion of the section includes the full width of your focus area.
BD_Light-Info NEW Beam Draw will let you read photometric data from your symbols, letting you easily try different unit types.
  NEW Beam Draw will detect the Z height of a lighting position below it, but only when you ask!
  Static mode to easily duplicate beams into a system of lights.
BD_R-and-R NEW Command to reverse and repeat beams.  It even will R&R shutter cuts and bottle rotations.
BD_Channel-Beams NEW If you are working with one system of beams at a time, you can easily channel them, and the data will be transferred when you convert the beams to Spotlight lighting devices.
BD_File-Beams NEW Quickly file away beams in a system to their own, hidden layer.
BD_Rough NEW Includes properties to let you view the beams in a rough plot mode.
BD_Magic NEW Beam Draw Magic pulls position and channel data from your beams for use on a sheet layer magic sheet.  You can even adjust your channel numbers to accommodate similarly focused or reverse-and-repeated systems.
SK Screen Shot-14-Versions Compatible with Vectorworks 12 through 2014.

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